Recap: 10/16/16

Last week finally settled who the real #1 seed is, and showed another team return to form.

Fire Nation def. Mobb Deep 9 – 0
I don’t have much a recap of the game, aside from a quote from a player from FN saying “not really they suck”. Looks like this one was a close one, and no doubt Mobb is looking forward to the rematch. This is only 1 of at least 4 season games between the 2, so the season is looking pretty interesting.

West Fetti def. New School 42 – 6
WF finally returns to form and handled business. QB Bucket was quoted saying “update my stats I had a hell of a game”, as he did, with 4 TD passes and 2 rushing TDs.

This week:
Lionhearts vs. West Fetti

Please try and get stats to me after the game. I know the site sometimes takes time to update, but this does limit the rate of update as well.

Recap: 10/9/16

Only one game was played this weekend, and it was a fun, sloppy rainy cold mess.
New School showed up short handed (even after merging two teams!) but still came ready to play.

New School def. Lionhearts 14 – 8
Lionhearts continued to slump and lost the game on New Schools final drive after a late INT by Danny (who was on loan and played his best game of the season). The game was ugly yet competitive, played in the pouring rain, where only those not concerned with some weather played through. New team member Alex took advantage and blitzed effectively, added a new element to his revamped team.

Next week:
Fire Nation vs. Mobb Deep — the showdown………..
West Fetti vs. New School

Play Spotlight


Name: Ty
Team: Mobb Deep

193: When did you start playing football?
Ty: I started playing at age 6

193: What got you into football?
Ty: My father is a barber of a lot of Pro football players so growing up around them made me want to play the sport.

193: Is QB your favorite position?
Ty: Well I’m a true DB but also an athlete so I can play any position I have to.

193: How were you able to give Lionhearts D-Line such a hard time?
Ty: I started out real slow but I was able to figure out their blitz schemes. Then I started completing passes and they also had to respect my other ability to run. Along with our faced paced offense, their D line began to get tired which gave me a greater chance to pick their defense apart.

193: When you’re not playing football what else do you do?
Ty: Usually if I’m not playing football I’m continuing with my studies to god willingly work in the medical field after college, or training for the up-coming track season

Thanks Ty, and great game!

Recap -10/2/16

Lots of changes happened this week with scheduling, as Reapers and Old School have combined forces.
2 games were on schedule, Mob vs. Lionhearts and FN vs. WF

Fire Nation def. West Fetti via forfeit
This game never took place as WF were no-shows, and Fire Nation continues their undefeated streak with a forfeit win. Hopefully fetti can pull it together.

Mobb Deep def. Lionhearts 30 – 6
In what was supposed to be a competitive game (for half a game it was mildly competitive with Mobb leading 12-6), Mobb asserted dominance and ended the game winning by 24. Speaking first hand, lionhearts showed that they have many issues to work out, and on-field arguments and lack of heart is typically out of character, something which needs to be corrected. To give a ton of credit, Mobb played outstanding, led by their QB Ty who settled in and controlled most of the game both with legs and his arm. Mobb and Fire Nation square in for a showdown that I am sure everyone is looking forward to. Props to both teams for bringing good competition this year, leaving it on the field and arguments out the door.

This week:
Lionhearts vs. (new) Old School

As an aside, I try to update as regularly as I can, but the process does become very time consuming, and sometimes becomes difficult to manage with the many hours at work. Hopefully as things quiet down I’ll be able to put up results and spotlights more timely, so thank you for being patient.

Player Spotlight


Name: DJ
Team: Fire Nation

This past week, DJ personally had over 5 batted passes on the defensive line, and added a sack, in Fire Nations 18-8 win over Lionhearts.

193: When did you start playing football?
DJ: When I was 7

193: Do you compete in other sports?
DJ: I went golden glove in boxing and played basketball and baseball

193: WHat made you so successful against the opposing line?
DJ: My knowledge of football and my length.

Thanks DJ, and good game.

Recap 9/25/16 – Week 3

Week 3 finally produced some competitive games, and some more of the same.

Fire Nation def. Lionhearts 18 – 8
Defense defense defense. Any early season battle between these rivals was dictated by a tough fought defensive battle, between Lionhearts pass-rush and Fire Nations’s towering defensive line, which batted down at least 10 passes and were too much to handle. Lionhearts led 8-6 midway through the second half following a safety, but the lead was short lived, as Flash ran a 60 yard TD during the next possession and never looked back. Games between these 2 teams have always been hard fought, and this season will not be different.

Mobb Deep def. West Fetti 14 – 0
Mobb has only allowed 2 points this season thus far, posting back to back shutouts, while WF looks to get in sync following last years breakout year. Mobb sets up for a BIG matchup with Fire Nation this week.

Old School def. Reapers 26 – 12
Reapers were short handed, and Old School handled business. The big questions is what happens to these 2 teams as the season progresses? Will Reapers fold? Will their players stay strong and battle? Will these 2 teams merge? More questions than answers following this game..

Next Week:
Fire Nation vs. Mobb Deep in the game of the week
Lionhearts vs. Old School
West Fetti vs. Reapers

Captains, please send player pictures! We will feature player spotlights weekly, lets get everyone more involved.
Also, once again need to stress the importance of competitive but safe play. Lets cut the crap, keep the arguments to a minimum, and focus on getting as much out of the game as we can. People wait all week for these 2-3 hours, so lets try and maximize what we have with friendly and safe play. Also out of respect to all teams, notify captains EARLY if you will not be able to play (meaning with MORE THAN 24 HOURS notice). Arrive ON TIME to your games, teams should not need to wait for you to start after 10:30 consistently. The games are called for 9:45 start time.

Recap 9/18/16 – Week 2

Late entry for the recap.

Lionhearts def. West Fetti 19 – 6
Credit to WF for making it to the game, as they were questionable mid week following an accident to Jon’s car (no injuries). The game was largely defensive, and Lionhearts were able to handle WF’s deep passing game well. Lionhearts were able to maintain a mistake free game, and went on to take the first of their matchups this season.

Fire Nation def. Old School 38-8
FN returned to form in their first game back. Relentless pass-rushing, and a dynamic offensive run attack paved way for a one sided dominant victory. Old School was able to show some signs of life defensively, and hopefully can pull something together as the season progresses.

Mobb Deep def. Reapers 40 – 0
Mobb Deep has only allowed 2 points this season thus far, and are emerging as a force in the league. Size, solid defense and good play making ability from QB Ty has given Mobb early momentum and confidence, as they settle in to their first test vs West Fetti this weekend. Reapers have yet to score a point this season, but will no doubt continue to grow as this season has only begun.

Next Game:
Lionhearts vs. Fire Nation
Mobb Deep vs. West Fetti
Old School vs. Reapers

Showdown week in a rematch from last years championships.

Moving forward we will introduce a new feature – Player of the Week, as selected by teams captains. Please continue to contribute stats and bios towards the site. This includes player pictures, and even a small bio.
Lets have another awesome football Sunday this week!

Week 1 Recap – 9/11/16

Football Season is officially under way!!!
And with that, some things still haven’t changed. Week 1 picked up where last season left off, and both the Reapers and Old School got off to rough starts.

Lionhearts def. Reapers 36 – 0
The game began 30 minutes into the first half as Reapers came late (couldn’t find parking?) and was not very competitive. Lionhearts played a mistake-free game, and were able to establish a solid run and play action game, controlling the ball and clock through long drives and for an extended time. When Reapers did get the ball, the blitz was just too much to handle. On the positive, Reapers did emerge with some new players to the league, and will look to continue to blend together, and will no doubt become tougher with more team experience.

Mobb Deep def. Old School 46 – 2

Mobb Deep continues to become a dominant force, destroying Old School in their first game back. With a tremendous rush attack behind their huge blocking front, Mobb was pretty much unstoppable. Unfortunately Manny from Old School injured himself early on, and with their QB out, Old School had no chance.

We should take this time to once again stress the importance of safety to all of the players in this league. Although we all do run a risk of injuring ourselves playing any contact sport, remember that our main goal is to have a good time and return to normal work/family after the games, and you should exercise good judgement without unnecessary or excessive contact. This year we will be doing our best to crack down on this, and want to avoid injuries or excessive rough play at all costs. Any roughing play in question is a 10 yard penalty, and any repeat offenders will be thrown out of this league, without exception.

Next Week (9/18/16):
Lionhearts vs. West Fetti
Mobb Deep vs. Reapers
Fire Nation vs. Old School


Welcome back to football season everyone!

I am sure I am not alone when saying that I have been looking forward to this since the end of last season, and that’s not just because we got our asses kicked in the finals. Leading to my next point:

CONGRATS FIRE NATION – our back to back champions!!
Fire Nation has yet to lose a game in the league, and I know this is alone is motivation for other teams to be gunning at breaking this streak.

Some news:
First, the website is updated/being updated as we speak. I will try to maintain it as well as I can, but will need your help. Captains, please be diligent about getting stats to me after the games. I will try and put together a simple spreadsheet to fill out your players stats, and this is something you can send to me and may keep things more organized. If getting this info becomes too difficult, I will need to forgo putting in your team stats altogether, as some people have been much more responsive than others. This is something for your teammates, who want to see themselves on the top of the leaderboards, so get it together for them!

Second, rules as discussed amongst the commissioners will be added to the website on the upper right corner for your review. Please read them carefully. We will meet regularly to discuss ongoing changes/amendments as deemed necessary.

Third, is a link to Gabe’s website and shop, also located on the top right corner. You can order additional equipment, jerseys, etc. We will try to add some apparel as well, but this is a work in progress, so please be patient.

The season is underway!! Kickoff is this Sunday, 9/11/16.
There will be more action, prizes, etc for rewards this year; lets make it the best year yet in the league!

Week 1 games are as follows:
Lionhearts vs. Reapers
Mob Deep vs. Old School

Unfortunately, West Fetti is on bye and were scheduled to play Fire Nation. We will check in this week to see if there is a team willing to play a double header, otherwise Fire Nation may need to hold out for another week.