Play-In Game for 4th Seed in Playoffs

Mob Deep def. Old School 24 – 6

Congrats to Mob Deep for willing today’s play-in game, controlling Old School for the duration of the match and clinching the 4th overall seed. Mob is priming at the right time, and will face off with Fire Nation in what will definitely be an exciting match-up.

Playoff Bracket is as follows, scheduled for 3/6/2016:

#1 Fire Nation vs. #4 Mob Deep

#2 Lionhearts vs. #3 West Fetti

Recap/month in review

Happy post- Hell-Froze-Over Weekend!

Updates have been sporadic, and things have gotten busy, so I will put in a quick recap over the past several weeks here.

Firstly, giving Bucket of West Fetti his due as on 1/31, West Fetti topped Mob Deep 20 – 19 on an end of game TD pass from Bucket to TO to shock Mob and get revenge from their prior loss.. sounds like an awesome ending and good job closing it out!

Recap 2/7/16

Mob Deep defeats Old School 33 – 16

Old school has yet to register a W on the field this season, and Mob seems to be coming into their own as they have clearly gotten stronger throughout the season. Old School to their respect has gotten close, and Blue has quietly had a very solid season, as it seems he finds the endzone every week practically.

Fire Nation defeats Lionhearts 33 – 32

Maybe I am biased since I played in the game, but for those who watched or were on the field, this was the game of the year. The game maintained a high level and pace throughout, in a back and forth shootout with both teams leapfrogging each other in score and responding on seemingly every drive. Fire Nation seemed to have clinched victory with a late TD and, what turned to be the deciding factor, surprise extra point from Malik to Ghost, putting FN up 33 – 26 late. With one drive remaining, Lionhearts responded, with a TD grab on 3rd and goal by Troy (his third of the game). With the game on the line, Lionhearts went for 2 and the W, but a disguised zone blitz and sack ended the game on the spot, maintaining Fire Nations perfect record (excluding forfeits). Overall the game was respectful, with minimal arguments and good football.

No games were played on 2/14/16 due to teams unavailability (AKA too cold), but on paper Fire Nation claims they were ready to go 🙂

For 2/21/16:
Lionhearts vs. West Fetti
Fire Nation vs. Mob Deep
Old School vs. Reapers

the questions:
-are the Reapers done??
-playoff schedule?

These will be answered this week

Recap: 1/10/16

Scared of a little rain?

Only two teams to show up and play were Lionhearts vs. Mob Deep. And it was a great game.
Mob Deep controlled early on, going up 18-0 and it was looking like a blowout in the making. But Lionhearts responded, as they have in the past, scoring 3 unanswered TDs and taking a 19-18 lead. The rain started coming down hard but and the intensity picked up. A clutch 4th an 15 for Mob kept a late drive going, and soon after it was Mob taking a lead with a TD and 2 point conversion. Lionhearts had a final drive, and following controversy and a reveresed TD, were able to march down the field and score on a 4th and goal. However Mobs conversion proved to be the difference, as they shut down the 2 point attempt by Lionhearts, holding on for the W.

Final score, Mob Deep def. Lionhearts 26 – 25.

Next week:
Lionhearts vs. Reapers
Old School vs. West Fetti

Fire Nation is looking to play however… well see how it unfolds.

Recap: 12/27/15 and 1/3/16

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARS to all. Hope everyone had a great new years and wishing everyone a better upcoming year.

Recap from 12/27/15:

There were a total of 2 TD’s thrown and 15 int’s thrown this week, which is ridiculous. Defenses playing well, and offenses unable to get rolling.

Fire Nation defeats Lionhearts 19 – 13

The game featured tons of defense, poor passing, and Fire Nation able to capitalize on another solid comeback against Lionhearts, who can’t seem to keep the lead vs. FN. FN showed a great running attack when the passing game wasn’t working and was able to capitalize on 3 long TD runs, burning the Lionhearts.

Mob Deep defeats Old School 12 – 6

Another tightly contested match, Old School held their own defensively, but Mob was too strong and was able to remain in control and get another W.

Recap 1/3/16:

Lionhearts def. West Fetti 45 – 12

Lionhearts were able to show some life after dropping their last 2 vs WF, and dominated offensively and defensively. Passing game went back on track, with breakout performance from Troy coming back from injury in his first game of the season grabbing 4 long TD catches. The game got scrappy, but ultimately ended on a peaceful note.

Fire Nation def. Old School 24 – 6

FN battling multiple injuries, including big and little malik being sidelined, though FN is deep and were able overcome these injuries and handle Old School. Hopefully they get well soon. FN front line remains a huge difference maker.

Next Week:
Lionhearts vs. Mob Deep
Fire Nation vs. West Fetti
Old School vs. Reapers


Recap for 12/13/15 AND 12/20/15.. BONUS addition

I am a little behind in the recaps, so this one will include a double header:

Lionhearts def Reapers 43 – 12

This game was competitive in the first half, as Lionhearts got off to another slow start. But when things started to roll, Lionhearts eventually took over, with Danny grabbing another 2 td catches, and Stephen with 3 ints. Reapers did manage to move the ball, and the game could have been closer if they didn’t have as many drops (personally counted close to 10).

Fire Nation def. Mob Deep 28 – 6

QB Bugz for Mob went down early with an injury, in what could have been a competitive game. Fire Nation did what they did with, even with a not-100% Malik and controlled the duration of the game grabbing yet another W.

west fetti def. Old School 32 – 18

Don’t have much details on this game, but WF looking solid in another victory. Manny/Billz combo has been tearing it up.

Preface by saying I missed this week, which absolutely kills me.

Lionhearts def. Old School 28 – 20

From what I know, the game was close, competitive, sloppy with about 40 turnovers, but great nonetheless. Lionhearts were able to hold off a game Old School, who are still searching for their first win.

Fire Nation def. Reapers 41 – 6?

I am still waiting on the official score (check back at the game stats later), but it appears Reapers used a mercy rule and ended this one early. Reapers have been injury-riddled, looking to somehow stabilize. I have no doubt Sean had about 25 sacks this game, but until I get official word I can’ add in the stats. Thank your captain!!

Mob Deep def. west fetti 12 – 6 (in OT)

Upset of the week, Mob Deep won the defensive battle and shut down the WF offense. I have no official game recap, but it probably included tons of sacks, turnovers, yelling, and a tight, awesome game.

Lionhearts vs. Fire Nation
Mob Deep vs. Old School

Bye: Reapers, west fetti

*game schedule subject to change

Recap: 12/6/15

December and still 55 degrees, clear, no wind, perfect football day.

Lionhearts def. Mob Deep 20 – 18

In an incredibly physical, exciting, back and forth game, which featured numerous score changes, late game drives resulting in TDs, Lionhearts came back and took the W. Mob Deep used their huge O-line and punishing running game to bulldoze through the d-line of Lionhearts for most of the game, controlling the clock and moving the ball. A late game INT and a motivated Danny delivered the W, however Mob Deep appears legit, and have a huge test next week vs. Fire Nation.

Fire Nation def. west fetti 34 – 12

Fire Nation continues to roll, even with an injury to QB Malik. FN was motivated, confident, and set to take care of business, rushing for 3 TDs behind Kory and Malik, and their D-line handled the rest as usual. west fetti has not solved the Fire Nation puzzle yet, as has the rest of the league.

Reapers and Old School tie 12 – 12

Old School is still without injured QB Manny, and it showed, tossing 5 int’s to the Reapers who’s defense came to play. It’s good to see Old School getting their first non-loss this season, and will look to extend their non-losing streak next week vs west fetti.

Lionhearts vs. Reapers
Fire Nation vs. Mob Deep
Old School vs. west fetti

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if you want updates to reflect your current roster, EMAIL ME.

Recap: 11/22/15

West Fetti def. Lionhearts 33 – 19

WF proved their first W vs the Lionhearts a few weeks ago was no fluke and handled business again. Fetti’s secondary dominated, forcing many interceptions, backed by a tough pass rush which gave the Lionhearts trouble all day. Lionhearts held a two touchdown lead 10 minutes into the second half, when Fetti switched gears and didn’t look back. The game was marred with too much arguing however, detracting from an otherwise competitive game, and this trend needs to be addressed moving forward.

Kellogs def. NWO 51 – 0

Kellogs destroyed NWO, who to their defense, had injuries all over the place and played most of the game short handed. Props to Kellogs defensive line who have not gotten enough respect and have been dominant all season. Malik was OK too.

Reapers def Mob Deep via forfeit

Reapers paid back Mob Deep and won the rematch by forfeit, as Mob still can’t get their act together. They have no had 4 forfeits in a row (going 2 – 2), and have not played a meaningful game in a month. Hopefully they right the ship soon.

Next week:

Poll: Most Impressive half-way through the season:

Recap: 11/15/15

Lionhearts def. NWO 16 – 14

NWO came out strong and were obviously pumped up reping new jerseys. Now held a 14-0 lead at halftime, and their D line was able to mount major pressure all day. Second half told a slightly different story, as the Lionhearts mounted an early comeback with the help of an early safety and 2 great TD catches by WR Danny to help overtake the lead, and defense handled the rest, and NWO (soon to be changed to Old School) remains winless.

West Fetti def. Reapers 18 – 13

West Fetti continues to roll, behind a tough secondary and standout play by Billz and Manny, as they get another W. Reapers did not fold easily, and captain Alex did all he could to keep the game competitive. Coming up next week will be a story of rematches, as WF will meet Lionhearts in their anticipated match, and Reapers will look to avenge a forfeit loss to Mob Deep.

Kellogs def. Mob Deep via forfeit

Speaking of forfeits, Mob Deep failed to show up to their match vs Kellogs. Kellogs showed up on time and ready to go, and have yet to play Mob Deep on the field as both teams have a no-show in their 2 games thus far this season.

Next Week:
Lionhearts vs. West Fetti
Reapers vs. Mob Deep
Kellogs vs. NWO