Recap: 10/22/17

Sho’Nuff def. West Fetti 25 – 19

This was a tough, well fought game, which saw WF making a comeback after being down 19-6 to tie it up, before Sho’nuff (formerly Lionhearts) pulled away with a late TD pass to Stephen. 2 players in particular rose up during this game – Billz, who took over at Qb and ran 3 LONG TDs on his own, and Stephen, who had a 103 yard pick-6, and caught the game winning TD. There will be a rematch in the near future, and both teams are definitely looking forward to this.

Reapers def. Geeked Up 12 – 6

Reapers got the upset win over Geeked Up, and behind a good front line and tough defense have put together a nice start to this season so far. Lets hope this continues, and also that they arrive on time to play in future games..

No games took place on 10/29/17 – due to late cancellation by the Reapers along with terrible weather.

This Week:
Sho’Nuff vs. Geeked Up

Not sure what the status of Warriors is at this point unfortunately.. There was recent interest in possibly some guys from Fire Nation joining the Warriors, but this remains questionable at this point.

Also for those interested in using the lines for the field, unless you show up early to help set up and learn how to use the line system, it will not be done for you. The setup and breakdown is tedious and requires some training to become efficient, so come early, learn how, and its yours.


Recap 10/15/17

Lionhearts def. Reapers 25 – 6
Lionhearts defense held up for the second game in a row, and if not for a final drive and running TD by Cory and the Reapers would’ve had back to back shutouts. Overall the game was clean, and the new line system held up well.

west fetti def. Warriors 57 – 21

Bucket and WF were rolling on all cylinders, and Billz added 4 catching TDs, as they easily took care of business against the Warriors. Warriors defense which was solid in their first 2 games has not allowed 103 points over the past 2 games, entering their bye.
WF win sets up the first big game of the season, as the 2 final undefeated teams will square off next week.

Next week:
Lionhearts vs. west fetti
Geeked Up vs. Reapers

standby: Warriors

New field lines were used this week, and were a success. We will be ordering the second field lines, which will be ready for next Sunday.
CAPTAINS MUST COME EARLY to learn how to set up their respective fields. This responsibility is on you to learn, and this may mean coming in at 845 or 9am to get the technique down.
Players who owe fees – this is delaying ordering jerseys for your teams. Captains please be advised that a grace period was implemented to help with personal issues, but we will begin to enforce the registration of all players as we are hitting the add deadline.

We also want to add individual player pictures to the site. We will take individual and group photos when in uniform, hopefully within the coming weeks.


recap: 10/8/17

Lionhearts def. Warriors 46 – 0

Lionhearts came with a full squad and played pretty much mistake free. Experience showed, and the Warriors struggled under center, clearly still learning how to become more efficient on the offensive line (this doesn’t help when Oscar and an aggressive D Line are running at you full force). Warriors continue to show fight and did not give up despite the score, and have a lot of talent and athleticism (Omar and Abdul yards after catch), and are actively recruiting for size and line.

west fetti def. Geeked Up 19 – 14

WF returned for their first game and grabbed a big win over the defending champions. WF has been facing some personal issues and we are glad to see them back on the football field – congrats on a good win.

Some takeaways from this week — let’s continue with the notion of close plays going to the offense. When in question, offense will overrule defense, and move on. This will speed up with game and limit arguments. All discussions should ONLY happen between the captains, and at the end of it, the close plays will balance out for both sides. We do not have refs here, so ties go to offense.

News: We have ordered the first Port-O-Field, which should hopefully be arriving very soon. We plan on ordering a second one, but wanted to try out the first one to see how it holds up, and to train on setting up the field. We need 1-2 volunteers from EACH TEAM to learn how to set up the field. Lionhearts will not be setting up everyone’s field, and if you don’t take the time to learn this, it will be a mess. There are online tutorials as well. Each field is expensive and custom made for us, so lets treat it with care. This is only possible with player dues, and will help not only set up the field more efficiently and evenly, but will be more professional and help with more accurate line calls.

As all teams have returned, we will be ensuring all rosters are paid off this week. Players who owe dues must be paid. This doesn’t apply to most of the league, but due to late starts by some teams some players have fallen behind. So captains please reach out to your players, as we will be checking off vs the paid rosters. If you have a personal issue please message myself and Kevin.

Games this week:
Lionhearts vs. Reapers
west fetti vs. Warriors

bye (stand-by)- Geeked Up

Recap: 10/1/17

Geeked Up def. Warriors 19 – 13

Warriors came to play and quickly were able to take a lead at the start of this game, which was close throughout. Ultimately it was defense that sealed the deal for Geeked Up, who were able to grab their first win of the season after a pick-6 Zay.

Next Week:

Lionhears vs. Warriors

Geeked Up vs. west fetti


(Also shout out to Christian from Lionhearts, who got married last week!!)

PLEASE make an effort to come ON TIME to the games. There are certain teams that need to leave on time, and starting late will just minimize overall game time. Also, please respect all teams and don’t make them wait for you. We will start instituting a forfeit rule which may result in an automatic bye for the upcoming week as a penalty for arriving after a certain time. We get it. Things happen. So prepare for them to happen and leave 30 minutes earlier to the game.

Recap: 9/24/17

Week 1 in the books! A lot of questionability led up to this week, with teams scrambling to play and some late changes.

Lionhearts def. Geeked Up 34 – 24

rematch of last years finals was competitive, but both teams were rusty getting into season form which was evident throughout the first game of the season. This will definitely be a matchup to watch as the season progresses

Reapers def. Warriors 13 – 7

The Warriors first official game was competitive and defense oriented, as this was close throughout. Both teams are still figuring personnel out, and will definitely improve.

Please remember that we are making an effort to be punctual and on time to these games. There is no reason a team should wait for the other to arrive. Please arrive to the field at 930 and be prepared to play by 945. Playing early will maximize gametime, and is at the very least a sign of respect to the other team. Also, you can help set up the field and make the process faster if you come earlier, and many players have taken on this initiative, which we are thankful for.

Games for next week:

As of now, scheduled to play will be

Geeked Up vs. Warriors

Lionhearts will be on standby and will likely scrimmage

Registration is ongoing. Once teams have registered we will be ordering uniforms, so captains please help get this completed as soon as possible.

We are actively recruiting for a 6th team, so if you know of anyone potentially interested, please let myself or anyone for Lionhearts know.


FINALLY football is BACK. Hope everyone had an excellent off-season and summer. Time to work off that summer BBQ weight and get back into Football form. We’re excited to introduce the Warriors as our new team this year, led by captain Abdul. Warriors put up a good effort in a preseason scrimmage with the Lionhearts, and will be a great addition to the league.

Week 1 will start as follows:
Lionhearts vs. west fetti
Reapers vs. Geeked Up

Warriors will be on bye/standby

Please do not forget to bring $ for dues. No pay – no play rules will apply starting week 1. We also have added an add-player deadline for November 1st. These are steps we have collectively decided to take to maximize the potential of the league.