Geeked Up is this years CHAMPIONS!!! CONGRATS !!!!

Playoff Recap:

3/5/17: Play-In Game

Geeked Up def. New School 26 – 7


Geeked Up def. Fire Nation via forfeit

Lionhearts def. West Fetti 18 – 0


Geeked Up def. Lionhears 20 – 14 OT

The championship game was INTENSE. It was windy and cold, and the game took place on a beautiful turf field in Bay Park, Long Island.
Geeked Up jumped out to a quick 7 – 0 lead on their first offensive play – huge bomb by QB Ty. It was looking like it would be a long day, but Lionhearts responded and cracked down on D. The lead was cut to 7-6, and following an int, GU was in prime scoring position on the 2 yard line and extended the lead to 14 – 6. Lionhearts defense once again rose up, and Christian sacked Ty for a safety cutting the lead to 14 – 8.
Mid second half Lionhearts got rolling, and on a 4th and goal, Stephen pulled down a clutch TD off a fade route, tying the game at 14 – 14.
Defense on both sides were huge, and the game was loaded with clutch tackles and immense pressure but both D Lines.
The game entered sudden death OT, and 40 minutes into overtime, Geeked Up defense intercepted another pass and set themselves up with a 1st and goal deep in Lionhearts territory. Ty took advantage and hit threw another TD to his TE to seal the game and championships.

This was a tough, hardfought game, and the victory was earned. Great game and season.

See you guys at the end of the Summer!!! ENJOY THE WEATHER!!

Recap and Playoffs


Geeked Up def. West Fetti 40 – 6

Geeked up had something to prove in this one, and destroyed WF. Ty filled in for Mahlik and threw 6 Tds, and this one wasn’t close. GU carrying momentum into playoffs.


Lionhearts def. New School 25 – 12

Lionhearts played a balanced game, but limited themselves with some drops and mistakes which could have blown the game wide open. New School hung around, with the help of fill in D’ante who ran a TD and caught one, making the game more competitive then it could have been.

Playoffs start next week. Here is the schedule:

March 5:
Play-In game between 4 Geeked Up vs. 5 New School

March 12:
1 Fire Nation vs. winner of the Play-In game
2 Lionhearts vs. 3 West Fetti

March 19:

Goodluck everyone!!!

Recap: 2/5 and 2/12

A quick recap for the past few weeks:

Fire Nation def. Geeked Up 37 – 15

Fire Nation, after an 8 week layoff dismantled Geek with a heavy run attack, along with grabbing 6 ints, to dominate in their return. Bad luck and many forfeits had kept FN sidelined, and its good to see them back in action. Of note, Geeked Up did show signs of life after falling behind early, and have shown great resilience in handling early deficits.

West Fetti def. New School 27 – 19

Welcome back both of these teams as well!
Straight from captain Bucket: “it was a close game but it came down to the offensive play from west fetti called ‘the baby’ to put it away.

We will be wrapping up the season with the final few games, and playoffs are projected to start first week in March. More to come on exact dates and matchups

Recap 1/15/17

Geeked Up def. Lionhearts 24 – 19

The only game this past week was between Lionhearts and Geeked Up. GU pulled off a late upset with a last play TD pass to end the game. New QB Mahlik had a solid debut and was able to control much of the offense on the ground, picking up many clutch first downs and running for 2 TDs, but the late pass sealed it. Lionhearts otherwise led for the entire game, and had every opportunity to put it out of reach, but just couldn’t pull the trigger. This sets up an exciting rematch this coming week between the 2 teams.

Fire Nation once again dealt with a late cancellation from Fetti following an accident. Thankfully everyone is OK.

Mobb continues to hold team meetings to see if they can put something together. All other teams are on bye.

This week:

Lionhearts vs. Geeked Up


Hoping everyone had an awesome holiday season and new years!!!

This week:
West Fetti vs. Geeked Up

New School was a late cancelation for their match vs. Fire Nation

Mobb Deep is still in nowhereland

Some of Lionhearts (who are on bye) are playing the former Rumble (+others) in a short handed scrimmage..

Recap 12/11/16

Lionhearts def. West Fetti 33 – 14

Lionhearts struck early and often and climbed to a 26 – 0 lead, with the help of Danny’s 3 TD catches and behind a solid run attack. Fetti was able to move the ball but failed to score from the red zone on multiple occasions, which ultimately was the difference in this one. Lionhearts have hit a good stride at this stage of the season, and are playing more to expectation.

Geeked Up def. New School 21 – 18

In a competitive and close game, Geeked grabbed their first win and held on to beat their former counterparts. GU jumped to a 14 – 0 lead following a pick 6 by Mikey B and a 75 yard TD run by D’ante to start the game, but New School pulled it together and almost stole the W.

Mobb Deep has been on haitus and will try to gather what remains of their squad over the Christmas a New years break, though unfortunately Fire Nation was forced to take yet another bye due to late cancellation.

Next Week:

Lionhearts vs. Fire Nation
New School vs. West Fetti

Player Spotlight

Name: Ademar
Team: Lionhearts

193: What sports do you enjoy playing?
Ademar: I love dominating in football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball and swim.

193: On a scale of 1 to Donald Trump, how much do you love Ademar?
Ademar: I fucking love me some me!

193: How have you managed to lead the league in sacks this year, and did you buy Pedro any presents yet?
Ademar: To be honest, the reason why I’ve gotten so many sacks is because when we played against Fire Nation in the finals last year I dislocated the shit out of my finger and I couldn’t play, and all I kept hearing from Malik is how he can run all over us. This year I took it upon myself to make my presence knwon and I shut him down. I had 6 sacks on him and I learned how to use my amazing speed to get by his O-line. I will buy Pedro a nice edible fruit basket if I reach 35 sacks, but you should buy me a nice steak dinner since I’ve saved your ass playing center these past few games my guy!

193: What position can’t you play?
Ademar: I can play any position on the field, I fear no one that’s why I call myself THE SUPERBEAST!

193: What’s the best video game of all time?
Ademar: There are so many but I would have to say Metal Gear Solid and Street Fighter Puzzle Fighter or Crash Bandicoot, don’t forget Madden 2002, God of War, Iron Man XO Manowar for PS1.

193: If you were in a fight with John Cena how would you win?
Ademar: If it was John Cena when he was reppin the chain gang he would beat my ass but PG John Cena is a pussy and I would crack his kneecaps real quick.

193: What’s the world record amount of times you’ve pleasured yourself to pictures of Ademar (in a 24 hour period)?
Ademar: Man I would say 7 times in one day, that’s gotta be a world record cus after the 3rd time I was on empty.

193: Final question – who is your biggest challenge in the league?
Ademar: To be honest I feel so confident in my pass rushing ability that no one can stop me, I listen to Mike Tyson videos on intimidation and it makes me want to kill something beautiful every time. Nothing gets me more turned on that my sack stats!

Recap 12/4/16

Fire Nation def. Geeked Up 27 – 20

Credit to Geeked Up for taking a late notice match a saving Fire Nation from getting yet another forfeit win, as Mobb dropped out late. Fire Nation was able to control the game with a powerful rush attack that cut up Geek, backed by their front 3 and which was just too much to handle. Geeked Up never did give up, and competed to the end.

West Fetti def. New School 32 – 18

West Fetti’s offense continues to roll along, and Bucket has been racking up rushing TD’s as well, and add another W. This sets up an interesting showdown between WF and Lionhearts next week.

Next Games:
Fire Nation vs. Mobb Deep (finally?)
Lionhearts vs. West Fetti
New School vs. Geeked Up

Recap 11/27/16

Lionhearts def. New School 41 – 20

Lionhearts continue to gain momentum, using a balanced run and pass attack, controlling this game from start to finish. Danny backing up the talk added a few TDs, and the offensive line has been clicking. New School did come with new reinforcements, and their team did bring some talent — hopefully they can continue to bring down guys and gain some team chemistry. Alex caught a ridiculous TD over 2 defenders, and earned a mild concussion for his effort. REST UP!!

West Fetti def. Geeked up 42- 19

From the sound of the recap, there were about 10 interceptions in this game, with almost 20 sacks, and still a combined total of about 60 points! From Bucket, “the pressure of Panblanco helped WF get the dub”. Notably, D’ante caught his league leading 10th interception.

Next week:
Fire Nation vs. Mobb Deep (!!!)
West Fetti vs. New School

Looking forward to the FN and MB rematch!
Lionhearts and Geeked up are on byes
Have a great week!

Player Spotlight


Player Name: Reggie
Team: Fire Nation

193: What’s your favorite football team and player?
Reggie: The New England Patriots and the GOAT Tom Brady

193: What’s something people don’t really know about you?
Reggie: Something people don’t know about me is I do yoga.

193: What made you such a problem to deal with in this week’s game?
Reggie: What made me such a problem to deal with in this weeks game– first of all I want to help you by restating the question – what you really should be asking is what makes me such a problem to deal with in general? The answer is that the opposing teams CANNOT STOP ME nor contain me – I can play any position on the field, I’m never lacking, there’s no limit to what I can do should out to Master P. But all seriousness I am calling out the other teams letting them know I’ll be doing this and more all season long and good luck trying to stop me.

193: What lights the fire for you on the field?
Reggie: Well my fire is always lit but the thought of losing fuels my fire – I can’t stand it, thinking of it turns me into a beast.